Digital experiences for a consumer-driven world

Understanding the importance of being the consumers first choice, SAESO creates engaging, compliant experiences that delight customers.

User Experiences

Brands live with the reality of their Customers demand for seamless experiences and the constant risk of their switching to competitors. The challenge can lie in navigating an organization to focus disparate, internal efforts impacting multiple aspects of the consumer experience.  SAESO understands how experiences impact Customer choices and places a delivery first mindset on serving the Customer — acting as a focusing agent to drive simplicity, consistency, and relevance of experience.  A clear path towards this vision ensures experiences are meaningful and delighting to the Customer, ensuring continued relevance of your Brand.

Engagement Media

SAESO manages media as part of a engagement toolset, handling paid media strategy and campaign planning and execution all with an emphasis on continuity of the consumer experience. Targeting, bidding, and creative performance are monitored and optimized for lower funnel engagement metrics.

Customer Engagment Management (CEM)

SAESO designs engeagement programs with an eye to compliance to support cross-channel personalization at scale and complete journey optimization. Leveraging SAESO’s CEM programs, Marketing organizations are able to take greater advantage of enhanced marketing capabilities.

Product Innovation

A company’s ability to innovate is considered essential for its long-term viability. SAESO helps our Clients stay relevant in their market by identifying ways to improve design, materials, feel, look, capacity, functionality, and overall user experience. Improvements are often tangible, such as a product enhancement, or intangible, like underlying data strategies, API services and/or headless feature offerings.

Compliance Design

HIPAA Compliance is the process by which covered entities need to protect and secure a patient’s healthcare data or Protected Health Information. SAESO can help with the 3 areas of compliance: technical, administrative, and physical.

Technical safeguards involving access control, audit control, integrity, person or entity authentication, and transmission security. Administrative safeguards including communication, access control and social media policy. Physical safeguards for considerations such as facility security, ID badges and physical access to laptops.

Work With a Partner Who Understands

Whether in the payor, provider, or broker space, SAESO brings an understanding of digital behaviors in healthcare to create experiences that engage customers and members.