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Help Desk

SAESO’s approach to implementing, operating and/or optimizing your IT Service Desk is a comprehensive approach based on ITIL 4 Standards and methods.

SAESO can address these critical processes when implementing your next Service Desk such as Incident Management, Service Request Management, Knowledge Base Management and building out a Self-Service Portal with your users in mind.

Achieving Service Desk Value

SAESO’s approach to building client service desks can help clients achieve improved IT operating results in the following areas:

  • Improving User Satisfaction: By providing a central point of contact and a structured approach to resolving issues, the service desk ensures users receive timely and effective support
  • Boosting IT Team Efficiency: The service desk streamlines IT workflows by categorizing requests, prioritizing issues, and potentially offering self-service solutions freeing up IT staff to focus on more complex tasks
  • Proactive Problem Management: By analyzing trends in reported incidents, the service desk can identify recurring issues and work with the IT team to implement preventive measures
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management: SLAs define the expected level of service for IT support and the service desk tracks performance metrics and ensuring adherence to these agreements which can help technology and business leadership prioritize investment in new and existing IT services

Overall, an IT service desk is a foundation for effective IT service management (ITSM) practices. It ensures smooth operation and user satisfaction within an organization’s technology landscape.

Why build a Service Desk with SAESO

SAESO’s deep understanding of ITIL, how to apply it in various situations and our consultants with years of IT Service Management experience make us the perfect complement to a client’s internal team when creating or updating IT Serivice Desk service catalogs or operations.


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