Digital experiences for a consumer-driven world

Understanding the importance of being the consumers first choice, SAESO creates engaging, compliant experiences that delight customers.

Software Engineering

SAESO helps you create engaging digital applications that enable higher operational efficiency with enhanced end-user experiences. Services include the design, development, and implementation of future-ready technical solutions with an always-ON focus on scalability, availability & security. We can provide custom development, engineering resources, web and mobile application development which drives increased engagement & higher product adoption.


SAESO helps our clients manage the responsibilities for the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of the company’s intellectual property and technology assets. We provide the leadership and guidance necessary to develop and deploy an information security programme, manage the increasing risks and threats and protect your organization’s data to ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Marketing Experience Data Platforms

As the Customer has come to expect Brands to know and anticipate their ever need, experiences must be integrated and relevant across channels. Marketing platforms that drive such personalization, such as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), introduce a multiplicity of data and service integrations that pose significant risk to any Marketing implementation project. Essential to success are both knowledge of technology platforms and Customer data as well as understanding of the dynamics between the marketing and technology organizations.  SAESO’s experience with management of the technology delivery risk as well as the needs of marketing users makes SAESO suited to drive through to completion any Marketing Experience Data Platform implementation.

Platform Integration

API integrations power processes throughout many high-performing businesses that keep data in sync, enhance productivity, and drive revenue. We develop, secure and govern integration flows that connect diverse applications, systems, services and data stores to enable those systems to exchange information.

Understanding the required orchestration for multiple interaction patterns, content-based routing and typed messages, SAESO ensures that system communication reliably moves messages between systems with message validation, mapping, transformation and enrichment.

Data Strategy & Management

With the maturity of any Data Management and Services function, organizations inherantly run the risk of the technical function losing the thread of business needs, even as competencies and processes mature.  In the evolving conversation with technology, the business wants for a proxy with deep understanding the market and the product and the ability to see downstream to financial impacts of data architecture and data management decisions.  SAESO’s competancies span the functions, so that SAESO can ensure all stages of the data lifecycle — Capture, Maintenance, Usage, Publication, Archival, and Deletion — serve the business rather than the other way around.

Rapid Prototyping

Through rapid prototyping, we help our Clients cut the time-to-market while mitigate risks with real-time end-user feedback. SAESO partners to rapidly build apps and experiences which focus on simple, identifiable use cases which deliver cross-device personalised experience to obtain user feedback.

Build the Foundations of Your Business

From web apps to data warehousing to marketing orchestration to compliance, SAESO’s breadth of technical experience includes the practical and operational considerations for deployment success; effective planning for and implementation deployments of the platforms themselves to run the customer experience and drive revenue activities of our clients’ businesses.