MarTech Integration

MarTech Integration

When personalization is key to digital engagement strategies, we help ensure clients have the right technology and a unified view of customer data — determining level of investment and validating range of capabilities fitting each organization’s needs.

Platforms such as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) and Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs) introduce complexity of integration – requiring coordinated efforts spanning Technology, Data, and Marketing. Navigating different perspectives across functions, SAESO partners closely with client teams to help manage delivery risk.


Working with Industry Leaders

The overall approach an organization takes to marketing technology can have implications on data and platform integration strategies.  Whether working with a best of breed approach or a single vendor solution, SAESO knows the pitfalls of each approach and differences between vendors.  SAESO’s experience — with industry leaders like Salesforce, HubSpot, Braze, and Twillio — makes a difference in seeing your martech deployment through to success.



Experts Who Understand Your Business

Technology decisions have long lasting impact and understand the implications to strategy and ability to execute.   Our team has deep experience in B2C marketing in Healthcare and other regulated industries.  SAESO plans for compliance concerns from day one so that technology decisions do not happen in a vacuum.

We help clients navigate the technology tradeoffs in new platform adoption and MarTech migration. SAESO’s analysts and implementation specialists guide the client business past operational compromises that are often inadvertently introduced with Engineering-led implementation efforts.

Achieving Delivery Excellence

Focusing on achievable strategies, aligned with business vision, SAESO delivers outcomes in the shortest timeframe possible and with minimal risk.  We help our clients leverage Marketing and Digital Experience capabilities to realistically deliver seamless customer experiences across channels.


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