Website Tracking

Website Tracking

Website tracking has evolved alongside marketing needs.  Web analytics and media measurement have made room for CRM integrations and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Modern site tracking technologies put the business in the driver’s seat in maintenance of ongoing tracking concerns. SAESO assists our clients’ Marketing and Product teams to maintain tracking deployment cycles in parallel to engineering lifecycles.

Web behavioral data is critical to digital engagement and serves as key data signals consumed by downstream marketing and digital platforms. SAESO supports clients in ensuring the reliable capture of 1st Party Data for use in marketing orchestration and personalization.

Ensure Compliance in 1st Party Data Capture

As consumer data privacy and consent management continue to evolve, new regulatory demands have arisen for businesses to maintain governance over all data captured. Maintaining a structured governance over website tracking is essential. SAESO’s implementation specialists bring deep experience in working with modern tag management tools, tracking integrations, and compliance platforms.

Working in partnership with clients’ Compliance and Governance teams, SAESO’s analysts and implementation experts develop shared processes to ensure that JavaScript tag management operates within purview of centralized oversight. With key groups involved early, site tracking remains fast moving — matching the operational cadence of site analytics, media tracking, and marketing platform data collection — all without unnecessary dependencies on technology workstreams.

Develop Tracking for Mature Web Architectures

Web architectures have shifted from RESTful to composable MACH architectures with dynamic front-end driven by React, Next.js, Node.js, Angular, and Vue.js. With the advancement of website technology, the fundamentals of tracking website activity have become more complex.

SAESO supports clients in their readiness to adopt new web technologies — navigating the architectural decisions associated with modern website and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) implementations.

Client Product and Marketing teams look to SAESO for expertise with technologies, languages, platforms, and frameworks in architectural discussions with Product Engineering teams. Moreover, SAESO offers high-level guidance to client product owners in developing business requirements. With extensive experience navigating the perspectives and knowledge bases of technology teams and system integrators, SAESO ensures that the interests of the business are effectively represented.


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