Migration Planning

Migration Planning

Migration planning involves creating a the roadmap for moving your IT infrastructure, applications, and data from one environment to another. This is a complex process and SAESO has the resources that can facilitate migration planning. Services include:

  • Shifting from on-premises servers to the cloud
  • Switching between cloud providers
  • Migrating to a new operating system or database
  • Upgrading from legacy enterprise software to a modern solution
  • Putting new tools in place to more effectively monitor and manage your technology resources

SAESO brings expert perspectives and approaches to the migration planning process using a combination of experience, platform knowledge and planning skills to facilitate a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your operations. Our process typically involves a proven process that covers all aspects of the migration from Discovery through to Post-Migration Validation.

SAESO has a team of experienced migration planners that can take over the process for you or can be embedded in your team so that you can dial up or down the resources that you need throughout your migration planning and execution processes.


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