Due Diligence

Due Diligence

SAESO performs IT Due Diligence for clients ahead of potential transactions in order to investigate a target company’s information technology (IT) infrastructure, systems, and security practices.

Clients trust SAESO to help reduce risk by identifying potential IT issues early on to avoid costly surprises after the transaction is finalized. SAESO’s work can lead to improved deal terms as the findings can be used to negotiate better conditions in the deal, such as price adjustments or contingencies related to IT integration or security issues. Finally, effective due diligence with SAESO, can lead to a smoother post-merger integration process after the deal closes.

Structure your approach to due diligence

SAESO provides informed decision-making with a thorough IT due diligence process that provides valuable insights to make informed decisions about the transaction.

The scope of these services includes but is not limited to hardware and software inventory, network infrastructure and security, data management practices, disaster recovery plans, IT support structure and staffing, vendor contracts and licensing agreements and open-source software usage.

Rely on a partner with experience

SAESO brings to each Due Diligence engagement expertise covering IT infrastructure assessment and security, data security and privacy, and integration planning and execution — with the understanding of what is at stake with every transaction. This focus helps acquiring companies quickly come to the answers needed to make transaction decisions with confidence.


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