SAESO offers strategic direction to help businesses maximize investment across product, data, and technology.

Platform Strategy

Success for any organization is having the right underlying technology mix with the required capabilities across the technical estate. Understanding Client needs, SAESO will help navigate these complexities through planning, evaluation, technical architecture and/or implementation planning of how to look at both existing and new technology platforms to find ways to improve the overall Product and Platform capability.

Service Strategy

Business success is through the constant delivery and availability of technology. SAESO helps our Clients define and identify perspective, position, plans and patterns which serve both the internal and external customer to meet business outcomes. Our experience can help across the Service lifecycle to include the following processes: service portfolio management, financial management for IT services, demand management, and business relationship management.

Marketing Data Frameworks

SAESO helps clients put in place data management strategies from Platform to Activation as well as 360 Customer Data Governance — essential disciplines in a regulated space that keep the customer experience relevant, as a business scales the use of data in managed and orchestrated experiences.

Digital Experience

Customers expect technology and digital marketing experiences which serve their needs over those of the brands. Through Journey Mapping and Use Case development, SAESO delivers clarity around how the brand can meet those needs and ultimately informs design and development with personalization in mind – capturing the specifics of the experience, data, and platforms.

Product Strategy

Not only do we help our Clients define and reinvent the vision for their products, but also identify how that vision can be realized into actionable activities. We build product strategies with the “big picture” of a product and market in mind, reminding our Clients why their product should exist, how the users see the Value and how they stand to benefit.

Business Planning

SAESO supports organizations at all levels of size and maturity to plan and prepare for growth and operation in a changing data and technology landscape — roadmapping each step of capability change, the implications to the business, and key decisions supported with industry and competitor analysis.

Planning for Success

Operating in a highly regulated industry means greater risk with every technology decision. Planning has to take into account every contractual, regulatory, policy and standards consideration from the start.