Insights programs tailored to your business

Through insights discovery and a regular test-and-learn cadence, SAESO supports innovative digital engagement and marketing experiences that drive revenue and remain responsive to customer needs.

Technology Advisory

SAESO can act as an independent function for the evaluation of vendors, outsourcers, specific technologies or application packages. We provide unbiased and objective recommendations in the best interest of our clients. Maintaining relationships with leading vendors ensures that SAESO understands their current capabilities, services and products in order to collaborate with them when this is in our clients’ interest.

Measurement Strategies

SAESO implements measurement planning as the first step of any marketing campaign, product initiative, or digital engagement launch. Measurement underpins any determination of success — properly establishing success metrics which underpin reporting and analysis. SAESO will plan and execute tracking implementation and analytics integration to support the capture of KPIs with marketing platforms and in paid media channels.

AB Testing and MVT

Testing informs Customer Experience with insights that reveal what customers cannot tell you directly. SAESO leverages AB and Multivariate testing to generate insights, with speed, that a customer engagement team can apply in determinng next best action across various channels.

Data Analysis and Reporting

Whether uncovering the deeper story of what is happening in your digital experiences or integrating desperate data sources to provide a unified view of performance across the business, SAESO’s team of analysts and data integration specialists are responsive to client needs, delivering insights and reporting with speed, an essential function for any data-driven organization.

Organizational Readiness

Identify the organizational elements neccessary to operationalize data and insights as marketing capabilities mature across media, social, web/mobile, messaging/email, and call center.