Customer 360 Data Governance

Customer 360 Data Governance

Compliance, Infosec, and IT all share a stake in understanding use of data in all systems, including Marketing platforms. SAESO works with these teams in their mission to establish data controls that meet the obligations of the business.

Clients rely on SAESO in stitching together the 360 view of customer data used across platforms — in areas overseen by Marketing users, outside the standard controls and governance in established IT systems. SAESO helps to establish flexible controls which fit the level of risk to the business while allowing Marketing to continue operating at pace.

Bridge Marketing and Compliance

Any business involved in a compliance exercise needs reassurance of a discovery process done thoroughly and communicated properly to stakeholders. Going beyond understanding of data and technology, SAESO brings together knowledge of client Marketing operations, data use activities across 360 view of the customer, and the regulatory and contractual constraints on the business. SAESO experts who understand the implications of key findings are able to appropriately highlight.


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