Media Management

Media Management

SAESO works with clients to develop media strategies, aligning channel mix and investment levels with a broad focus on digital engagement.  As the role of paid media, clients are seeking an approach to integrate the customer experience across all stages of the digital journey including paid media more cohesively.

Our team of media experts supports clients in executing against agreed upon targeting strategies, providing for the differences in audience data available in each ad delivery platform, and navigating ad delivery issues.  SAESO’s has the depth of experience with media activation to see the strategy through from ideation to execution.


Expecting More from Paid Media

SAESO provides clients with a strategic framework for considering paid media within an integrated customer journey — approaching paid media audience discovery and campaign execution as part of digital activation use case definition.

With deep involvement in developing client’s data-driven personalization strategy, SAESO’s perspective on paid media data goes beyond audience attributes to differentiated downstream performance — leveraging the insights gleaned in tracking audiences through to bottom-of-funnel engagement – understanding the behavioral differences in customer segments can often be attributed back to point of acquisition.

Focusing on Precision and Performance

SAESO helps clients shape paid media strategies to fit with the dynamics of the business and of the market including unit economics and legal and regulatory limitations imposed.   We then run Paid Search, Paid Social, and Programmatic Display campaigns that are precisely tuned to and optimized for these specifics.

In keeping with this approach to paid media, SAESO partners closely with clients to define success further down the funnel to engagement outcomes — eschewing models focused solely on acquisition volume and other upper funnel metrics.

Activate Efficiently

SAESO offers clients a level of attentiveness in paid media management difficult to match in the industry.  We provide this quality of expert service because we know responsiveness and focus positively correlate to performance.

Financial accountability in paid media comes down to the unit economics of activation, and SAESO is a partner through to that ultimate measure.


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