Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Whether an organization is establishing an analytics foundation or is advancing to maturity, SAESO understands our clients’ business needs and the importance of drawing upon digital, first-party data to establish Marketing insights.

We support clients in all aspects of data-driven decision making — from measurement and tracking to developing insights — to yield successful customer engagement grounded in both technical realities of implementation and in knowledge of channel and campaign dynamics.

Put Marketers in the Driver's Seat

SAESO establishes and executes on measurement programs which allow Marketing to move quickly in tracking of and delivering analytics support for fast moving campaigns.

We help enable client marketing organizations to put measurement in the hands of those marketing experts who understand consumers and are adept with analytics capabilities.  During periods of technology transformation, client organizations with a strong hand in measurement are better able to navigate technology dependencies to ensure Marketing analytics and reporting operations remain uninterrupted.

Find a Partner Who Know the Pitfalls

SAESO helps clients with planning and organizational readiness to develop the discipline of Marketing decision making based on a reliable view of the data. Our team of broad-based specialist can circumvent the all-to-common organizational siloes around data while still serving in a deeply embedded capacity with client Marketing teams.

Deliver Returns on Marketing

Getting quickly to the “what” of consumer behavior and the details of Marketing performance, SAESO helps client plan and execute engagement marketing efficiently and effectively. Marrying technical understanding of analytics implementation with understanding of Marketing channels and campaigns, SAESO tightly orients towards the goal of optimizing Marketing activities.


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